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15th Apr 2024

‘Evil’ Jozef Puska claims he didn’t murder beloved teacher Ashling Murphy


Ashling Murphy

Ashling Murphy was killed in January 2022

Jozef Puska has reportedly been proclaiming his innocence in prison, according to The Irish Sun.

He has claimed that police arrested the wrong man and has stressed that he had nothing to do with the death of the Irish teacher.

According to the publication, he has been telling inmates: “I didn’t do it, they got the wrong man.”

He is currently in the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise but is no longer in protective custody because of overcrowding in the prison.

He is sharing a cell with another inmate because of an overcrowding issue in the prison.

Puska allegedly believes he will be freed from the prison after his appeal this year.

He was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of the murder of school teacher, Ashling Murphy.

An insider told The Sun: “He is the most arrogant person you could ever meet, with a huge sense of entitlement.

“Puska is adamant that he didn’t do it — and is telling everyone who is willing to listen. In his own little twisted mind, he feels he has been hard done by and that he will win his appeal.”

Ashling Murphy’s life was taken too soon

There was an ‘overwhelming’ amount of evidence against Puska. His DNA was discovered under Ashling Murphy’s fingernails following her untimely death.

She was stabbed 11 times by Puska when out running by the canal in Tullamore on January 12th, 2022.

Puska admitted to killing Ashling when he was questioned by Gardaí at St. James’s Hospital in Dublin.

He told the officers: “I did it, I murdered. I am the murderer.”

However, he is now ‘adamant’ that he did not kill the teacher.

Ashling Murphy has been fondly remembered and dearly missed by her loved ones.

Her father described her as a “little angel” on her two year anniversary this year.

He also confirmed he visits his daughter’s grave every day to remain close to her.

The loss Ashling’s family has suffered is nothing but harrowing.