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16th Jul 2017

This Galway nightclub has an ingenious way to help save your feet

We need this service everywhere.

Ok, this is kind of a big deal.

When we think of a night out, we think fun, music, entertainment, drinks, a great old boogie with all the gang and… sore feet. Oh, the things we do to have ourselves looking our very best and feeling confident.

Well DNA nightclub in Galway has come up with a very clever way to banish the pain our poor feet endure after hours of moseying about in those troublesome high heels.

The club stated on their Facebook page, that it’s female partying enthusiasts will now be able to grab themselves a pair of flats whenever they feel that blistering pain come on – and in their size too. No longer shall twirling on the dancefloor be so agonising.

So when will the rest of us be able to have such amazing treatment on a night out?