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12th Apr 2019

Westlife announce title and release date of new album and September can’t come soon enough

Beautiful news of a Friday.

It’s an exciting day today for a few reasons.

One of those reasons is because it is Friday and therefore, the weekend is almost upon us.

Another one of those reasons is because Westlife have finally announced the release date of their upcoming album – and it’s not soon, but it’s happening, and that’s enough to keep us going.

The lads’ 11th studio album is called Spectrum and it’ll be hitting stores and streaming sites later this year on September 6.

Which, yeah OK, is a fairly long time away but we’ve got a couple massive gigs over the summer to keep us going.

The album artwork for the record is probably some of Westlife’s jauntiest yet, a far cry from the solemn black and white staring-off-into-the-distance shots we’ve been used to over the years.

They may be staring off into the distance… but they’ve also got some funky lights on their faces.

Westlife 2.0, indeed.

This comes after the guys announced that they will be live streaming one of their Croke Park gigs in select cinemas on July 6.


The sold out July 6 concert will be shown in cinemas across the UK and Ireland, so if you didn’t manage to get tickets to the actual gig, don’t worry because you can watch it all in real-time in participating cinemas anyway.

“We have been overwhelmed with the incredible reaction to the tour and we’re so happy that our fans will now have the chance to enjoy the show in cinemas across the world,” said the lads.

“Croke Park has always been a special place for us and we can’t wait to be back there. It’s going to be a phenomenal night!”