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14th Apr 2014

WATCH: Rapper Angel Haze’s Cover Of Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ Is Incredible

This rendition has blown us away.

Just when you think the positive message behind Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ sensational song, Same Love, couldn’t get any more powerful, one of rap’s brightest new stars performed a phenomenal cover.

22-year-old rapper, Angel Haze, visited the SB.TV studios recently and after an interview with the online broadcaster, gave her own unique spin on the Grammy nominated track.

Haze reworked the song by using its original backing instrumental and performed her own inspiring lyrics.

“Here’s a message to the people that just don’t get it,
Love is love, there is no difference,
No medication to fix it, there is no prescription, no rehab to visit, it is not an addiction.
It’s love and it’s selfless, it’s yours and everybody elses.
So badger and abuse the solemnly defenceless,
See them as yourself, there’s no inequality and difference.”

This rendition has blown us away.

Video via YouTube/SBTV: Music