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15th Jan 2015

WATCH: Move Over Gary Barlow, These Brides Got The Best Celeb Surprise Ever

We would've appreciated this surprise greatly!


Adam Levine is on our list of men we would like to marry (or be really good friends with), so if he ever happened to rock up on our wedding day it would be safe to say that we’d be a little flustered. 

This is exactly what happened to the happy couples in this video shot for Maroon 5’s brand new single ‘Sugar‘.

Levine tells the camera at the beginning of the video that the band are setting out to gatecrash as many weddings as possible and they make a splendid job of it.

Newlyweds and guests look on with slight confusion as camera crews enter the various wedding receptions but it goes without saying that when the large white sheet covering the stage drops and reveals the surprise, they’re pretty okay with it.

Hat-tip to lovely Frances Crean for sending us this one on Facebook.