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16th May 2016

Watch: Christina Aguilera sings Adele, Rihanna and Whitney in 60 seconds

And it's brilliant!

Christina Aguilera played a musical version of Ellen’s Heads Up game and it was brilliant. 

Christina joined Ellen on her show and while she was there she got roped into a game of Heads Up, but this time it had a musical twist. Each time an artist’s name flashed up on screen Christina had to sing one of their famous songs for Ellen to guess who it was.

She took on the likes of Whitney, Adele, Madonna and Katy Perry. Naturally she was amazing.

She also gives an interesting impression of Rihanna’s Work, singing, “why, why, why, why, why”.

How does she not know the words to Rihanna’s song? Not only is it the title of the song, but it also has the same word repeated FIVE times in a row over and over again.

Watch it here:

Image and video via EllenTube.