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31st Oct 2014

There’s Going To Be A Twist in This Weekend’s ‘X Factor’!

The news has put extra pressure on the contestants.


It seems there’s trouble ahead for this year’s X Factor contestants as the big boss Simon Cowell has reportedly announced yet another double elimination ahead of this weekend’s show. But this time – there’s a twist.

The judge has apparently called for a double elimination again this week in order to give “a wake-up call” to the singers according to The Mirror.

“There’s going to be another elimination again this weekend, and the difference is this week there is going to be a twist,” Simon reportedly told contestants.

“And the twist is, on the Saturday, the person with the lowest vote is going to leave the show. No sing off, just whoever is in the bottom is out. And there’s a sing off on Sunday. So there are no second chances.

“We decided to do this because I think you all need a bit of a wake-up call. And I think you’ve got to understand what I’m saying isn’t just words, it’s reality. You’ve all got to build up your game now and you’ve got to be the best you’ve ever been because this is really what the music business is like,” he continued.

“You put out a rubbish record it doesn’t chart. If you do a rubbish performance on the night, you’re out.”

The news will put even more pressure on the contestants who are rehearsing hard for this weekend’s live shows. As the numbers start to dwindle, each performance is well and truly counted.

So who is it going to be this weekend?