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23rd May 2018

Sharon Corr plays the violin for IVF embryos at fertility clinic

Jade Hayden

sharon corr ivf

Sharon Corr has said she felt “honoured” to play the violin for IVF embryos at a fertility clinic in Barcelona.

The musician played some melodies for the hundreds of developing embryos at the Institut Marques fertility centre.

The Corr sister was joined by Spanish personality, Alex Ubago, who played the guitar for the embryos.

Corr said she was “amazed” by the experience and admitted that she felt “honoured” to have been able to play music for the developing embryos in the incubators.

She said:

“It’s great to think that we could possibly be a part of the future and we could make a change, It’s just beautiful to make music.

“I’m so amazed at the whole process and how it works and yet I’m not surprised that music really helps the embryos to form because music is the greatest therapy in the world.”

The performance was also streamed by the Spanish clinic for embryos developing in clinics in Co Kildare and in Rome.

The clinic has claimed that playing different kinds of music around IVF embryos can “support embryo development” and increase the fertilisation success rate by up to five percent.

You can watch the full clip here: