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07th May 2020

Norwegian popstar Dagny has released a new summer song and it’s an absolute TUNE

Cassie Stokes

What does a pop star get up to in lockdown? A spot of sewing apparently.

There’s nothing like some new music to brighten up your day. And with its happy, loved-up vibes, the new single from Dagny, Somebody, looks set to be a summer hit.

I chatted to the Norwegian singer who told me that the catchy pop tune is a summary of various things she’s experienced in life, but mainly relates to emotions you feel at the beginning of a relationship when “you totally see this lasting forever and it completely consumes you”.

You can watch a video of our interview below, or on Her’s Instagram.

The single comes from Dagny’s debut album, which will be released May 22… sort of. She revealed to me that she has split the album into two, and will only be releasing the first half this month.

The 29-year-old singer decided to put out the album as two parts, because she says it has two distinct theme. The first half is about the beginning of a relationship, while the second is more about the end. “Lyrically it was a clear divide between the two halves,” she says.

The second part will be released later in the summer after her fans have had time to “digest one emotion” before they dive into the next.

Dagny said that she was lucky that all the prep for her new album was all done before any lockdown restrictions were put in place, so she could go ahead with the album launch without any issues.

However, she said that she regrets not having the opportunity to tour the album with live shows as was originally planned. Like the rest of us, she says she will miss festival season: “When they told us that we’re not going to be playing festivals this year I did kind of feel it in my stomach. It’s weird that we’re not going to be able to do that this year.”

During the lockdown Dagny has been enjoying some quiet time at home, relaxing and learning how to sew. She’s also started to grow her own vegetable garden “like probably 95 percent of the rest of the population!”

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