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18th May 2016

Nathan Carter has made a kind gesture to a fan caught up in ‘Wagon Wheel’ Row

So sound!

You’ll all remember yesterday we ran a story about a Coleraine man who was driven so mad by a neighbour repeatedly playing Wagon Wheel, ending up destroying some of their property.

Well, Mr. Carter himself has stepped in, and he told Anton Savage all about on his TodayFM show.

First off, he had to defend the song (which polarises opinion), telling Savage:

“But the poor man had his property broken and obviously he’s a big fan so I said I must hunt him out and give him a few tickets so we’ve sorted him out and he’s going to come along to the show.”

“To be fair, there are probably a lot of people who don’t like that song but I know there are a lot of people who do, I’m very lucky about that, but I’d say if you play any song on repeat 24 hours a day it would be annoying.”

Carter has kindly offered to give the victim a few freebies to attend his Belfast concert which is admittedly, very sound.

The country star even made a sly reference to the debacle on his Twitter account: