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02nd Sep 2022

This uber Irish note in a second-hand copy of Gone Girl will give you a laugh


By Katy Thornton

Highlighting some of Ireland’s top hiding locations.

One of the best things about shopping for books second hand is the possibility of finding gems like this. Declan Cashin (@Tweet_Dec) agrees, posting a picture of a second-hand copy of thriller Gone Girl with a very personal inscription. Dated 15th July 2014, friend Lucy appeared to have gifted this book to her “dearest best friend Siobhan” which look, we totally back (it’s a fantastic book).

And while Lucy hopes that Siobhan will enjoy the book, she doesn’t want her getting any ideas of pulling a disappearing act herself (slight spoiler but 1. the book came out over a decade ago and 2. it’s called GONE girl, not HERE girl).

To prove that even if she did go missing she would find her, Lucy lists some of Siobhan’s favourite places, including, but not limited to some Dublin-based gems.

Yes, Lucy claims she could find her in “A kebab shop” “Lidl” “Copper’s” “Dicey’s” “Doyle’s” or her own back garden, wherever that is.

A very sweet and super Irish inscription. But what is perhaps the saddest about all this is for it to end up in Cashin’s hands, Siobhan must’ve passed the book along herself. Which leaves us with about as many questions as Nick Dunne when Amy disappeared. Are Lucy and Siobhan still friends? Did Siobhan pull a disappearing act? Did Lucy find her?

Could be its own thriller honestly.

Twitter agrees, with lots of theories as to what happened to the pair.


Well allegedly both girls have come forward since – how will Lucy feel about Siobhan giving the book away?

We love the internet.

Header image via Twitter/Tweet_Dec


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