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07th Feb 2022

There’s a candle that lets your husband know you want some of that ‘dad bod’…

Melissa Carton

Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes when it comes to the opposite sex, it can take a while to drop a hint and even then it can have mixed results.

But that no longer has to be a problem, at least not when you want to drop the hint that you don’t have a headache and are actually ‘in the mood’.

How you ask? With the help of a woman’s best friend, of course… the trusted scented candle.

Created by Lunar Landings, this eco-friendly candle is the only thing you need to let your husband know that you want some of that ‘dad bod’.

Vegan and hand-made, you can add your own favourite fragrance or your husband’s favourite scent as it is him you’re trying to attract. For my husband, I’d go for the banana nut bread scent as he’s a big fan of banana bread.

Then all you have to do is light the candle wick, no smoke signals required.

I’m a big fan of candles, especially quirky one and previously I wrote an article about candles that smelled like freshly signed divorce papers but this time, as it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d go the other way and embrace my romantic side.

Candles are after all more often associated with romantic settings than anything else.

You can purchased your ‘dad bod’ candle in three sizes, 4oz, 9oz or 16oz from Lunar Landing’s Etsy store and prices start from €11.39.