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18th Feb 2021

Michelle Visage joins Steps as ‘sixth member’ for musical comeback

The pop collaboration of our dreams!

If you’ve watched Ru Paul’s Drag Race then you’ll know that Michelle Visage is not just a witty judge, she’s also a bona fide pop star.

As she’s mentioned once or twice on the reality TV show she has lent her musical talents to not just The Bodyguard soundtrack but also as part of girl band Seduction in the early 1990s.

So when we heard that Visage is planning to join forces with another famous 90s pop act as their sixth member we weren’t completely surprised but we are so excited!

Yes that’s right Visage is set to become the unofficial sixth member of 90s pop group Steps and honestly this is the news we needed in 2021.

Visage posted a teaser about her new music collaboration with Steps to her Instagram this week along with the caption;

“NEWSFLASH Coming soon… #HeartbreakInThisCity with @OfficialSteps


We’re feeling that pinch me moment too Michelle.

The new track with Visage and Steps is entitled Heartbreak In The City and in fairness I think anyone living in a city is pretty heartbroken that we won’t be able to enjoy this bop in a nightclub.

Visage is known for being an incredible alley to the LGBT+ community and we have no doubt that this new single with Steps is going to become one of the big tunes of Pride this year.

Fingers crossed that Level 5 restrictions are over by summer so that we might actually be able to have some real life in person Pride events this year.

Dancing at home to Heartbreak In The City will absolutely happen but it’s just not the same as being in a club or a music festival.

If 2021 can bring about this collab, hopefully it can bring back concerts again too.