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31st Jan 2020

My Chemical Romance tickets for Dublin show sold out ‘in minutes’

Jade Hayden

Welcome to the black parade.

Unless you didn’t get tickets, that is.

Today, tickets for My Chemical Romance’s upcoming Dublin gig went on sale.

Kicking off in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham on June 23, the lads are reuniting for a series of gigs across the US and Europe, reminding each and every one of us the true meaning of hanging around outside Central Bank for hours on end.

Despite this, it unfortunately appears as though not every emo in Ireland is going to get the chance to go see MCR this summer – because tickets to the gig have already sold out… and did so, in minutes. 

If you happened to be one of the lucky ones this morning, fair play. We won’t hold it against you at all. You deserve it.

But if you don’t land down to this gig with a scene fringe, two lip rings, and screaming the words to ‘Helena,’ you truly do not deserve to go.

Enjoy it.

My Chemical Romance play the Royal Hospital Kilmainham on June 23, 2020.