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12th Oct 2018

An Amy Winehouse hologram will be touring the world next year with a live band

amy winehouse hologram

An Amy Winehouse hologram will be touring next year with a live band.

The projection of the iconic late singer will be travelling the world alongside a live band in 2019, using original voice recordings of Winehouse’s tracks.

Those behind the project, including the singer’s father Mitch, said that the tour will be a chance for “new generations” to discover his daughter’s music.

Speaking at the annual Amy Winehouse Foundation gala, he said:

“It’s time to remind everyone that Amy was one of the great musicians and performers.”

“As a family, we felt ready to bring Amy’s incredible talent back to the spotlight, give her fans a chance to experience her music again and for new generations to continue to discover her.”

Mitch went on to say that he felt that hologram shows “celebrate great artists.”

He also said that the tour would be a great way to raise money for the Amy Winehouse Foundation and to “bring focus back to her music legacy.”

The foundation was set up in Amy’s name following her death in 2011.

It aims to educate people about the effects of drugs and alcohol and to provide help to those struggling.

Tour dates for the Amy Winehouse hologram shows are yet to be announced, but the tour is expected to begin late next year.