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19th Feb 2016

21 Ridiculous Band Names That Probably Already Exist

Ciara Knight

Band names are ridiculous.

Just think about how stupid Maroon 5 is, both as a name and a concept. Adam Levine should be truly disgusted with himself.

If you’ve recently started a band but can’t come up with a ridiculous name, fear not, I’ve done the work for you.

1. Snotty Tissue.

2. Unwashed Tuxedo.

3. Prefab Classroom.

4. Substantial Leaving Cert Results.


5. Frightened Minister Of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.

6. Malnourished EpiPen.

7. Phantom Calculator.

8. Judgemental BLT.

9. Senile Potato Farl.

play on guitar, selective focus on part of hand and strings

10. Gratuitous Penalty Points.

11. Poisonous Free Sample.

12. Duty-Free Gluttony.

13. Dad’s Camcorder.

14. Seductive Sliotar Leather.

15. Cheeky Midweek Spicebag.


16. John Malkovich’s Bicycle Saddle

17. Maura Derrane.

18. Triple Distilled Soda Stream.

19. Satan’s Armpit Hair.

20. Platonic Corn On The Cob.

21. Calcium Deficiency.

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