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03rd Feb 2018

Woman tries to use charcoal teeth-whitening kit… and it explodes all over her


Jade Hayden


Not a great start to the day, in fairness.

If you’ve ever taken on the gruelling task of whitening your teeth, you’ll know that there are a lot of different ways you can do it.

One is by going to the dentist and asking them to whiten your teeth, please.

Another is by purchasing a charcoal teeth whitening kit and doing it yourself.

Both acceptable options, both with the potential for failure… the only difference is if you go to the dentist you probably won’t end cover from head-to-toe in black like this lady was.

There she is now. Covered in coal. Because her teeth whitening kit exploded on her.



The woman in question is named KC Godwin and she was discovered by her husband JW when he heard her screaming in the bathroom.

Obviously worried about his wife’s wellbeing, JW decided to go in there and film whatever was going on.

What a gent.

We don’t blame him though because his wife seemed to get the charcoal everywhere except on her teeth.

Classic KC.

JW shared the video on his Facebook with the caption:

“When you hear your wife screaming from upstairs saying she has had an accident you run up the stairs.

“When you get to your bathroom and hear her laughing, you have to pull your cell phone out because you know this is going to be funny.

“Heed the warning on the side of the charcoal powder teeth whitener. It says, “Open with care.””

Open with care, is right.