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18th Dec 2016

This beachside picture has been wrecking people’s heads

Can you see what's wrong?

Rebecca Keane

Men have no clue about women's sex lives, says science

There’s nothing worse than something that you just can’t get.

Whether it’s a brain teaser or an optical illusion, I hate having myself tested to the limits.

Optical illusions in particular are always fun, they drive me mad and when I finally figure it out I feel like a total tit.

But optical illusions do call into question how much you can really trust your eyes to tell you the truth. Do they show you what is really there? Or do they make you question everything you know.

One picture that’s going viral is a snap of six girls on holiday, apparently being photobombed by a stranger behind them.


The hilarious photo shows the man taking the p*ss out of the ladies, lining up for a cheesy holiday snap but one particular detail about the picture is making the internet scratch its head.

Comments on the Instagram picture ranged from “Oh my fucking God I can’t breathe. Jesus Christ I almost fell,” while another confused person admitted”It took me nine hours to figure it out.”

Can’t see why people are giggling at the photo?

Give up already?

I’ll tell you… Just to be nice.

If you look closely at all the women’s faces, you can see that the man’s face has been Photoshopped onto everyone’s neck, with sunglasses and all.