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05th Apr 2024

This is why being away from your desk at lunchtime is important

Jody Coffey


Many of us are guilty of chaining ourselves to our desks for the entire day

While we tell ourselves, ‘I’ll just eat here, just in case’, that ‘just in case’ may have negative impacts on us.

Not only does a proper lunchtime break away from your work desk promote wellbeing, but it, ironically, also enhances our work productivity. 

Career consultant Angela Burke, who has over a decade of experience working across recruitment and career consulting, says prioritising your lunchtime can have a wealth of positive rewards.

“A change of scenery brings new perspective and helps you to see things differently,” she tells

”Add in fresh air, water, good nutrition and a few deep breaths and you’re a different person going back to the desk.”

When it comes to a stressful day filled with demanding emails and requests, taking that break in the middle of the day is more likely to help you respond more effectively, she says.

“It might just help you respond rather than react to that email you just received from Karen!”

Sitting by our computer or laptop in the same chair all day long, while not exactly tempting, can become a habit that is hard to break.

While we may not actively be looking at our screens or checking emails while having lunch at our desks, our mind is still half on work, our view remains unchanged, and we’re more likely to log back in earlier than we’re being paid to.

It also runs the risk that we’ll see some allegedly ‘urgent’ notifications that may create stress or anxiety during our lunch hour.

This self-sacrificing habit, Angela says, should be reframed as an ‘important appointment with yourself’.

“If you need accountability to actually take it, book in a short fitness class, a catch up with someone or a beauty appointment so that you’re less likely to stay at the desk,” she suggests.

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