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28th Mar 2024

‘My friend accused me of being selfish after I refused to pay for her €100 cocktails’

Sophie Collins

Friend bill

A woman has taken to the internet in rage after being left to pay a hefty bill for her friend

She explained that she had invited her close friend out for dinner – on her – but allowed her friend to choose the venue.

Her friend is known for liking the finer things in life and on arrival, the woman was met with extortionate prices on the menu, including cocktails starting at €20.

After ordering some of the most expensive items available and numerous cocktails, she voiced that she didn’t expect to be paying so much.

In response, her friend agreed to pay her half of the bill, only to forget her kind offer when the receipt actually arrived on the table.

Taking to Reddit, the young woman wrote: “I recently went out to dinner with a close friend who I’ve known for years. We decided to try a new restaurant that she had been wanting to visit for a while. 

“When we arrived, I was shocked to see that the menu featured some of the priciest dishes I had ever seen. A key thing to note, I offered to pay before we went out to eat

“As we looked over the menu, my friend began ordering some of the most expensive items, including a €50 steak and a €20 cocktail. I was taken aback by the prices and politely suggested that we try some more affordable options. 

“My friend insisted on sticking with her choices and said that she would cover her portion of the bill. When the bill came she said she never offered to pay it. She was drinking a bit, I was not, it’s possible she forgot I suppose. Thats what turns this whole thing awkward for me…”

When the bill arrived at their table, the woman discovered that it was more than €100 over what she had budgeted for her friend – which was a generous €60.

“When the bill arrived, her portion was over €100 more than I had budgeted for her (€60). In fact, she had also spent €100 on her drink choices alone.

“I was frustrated and felt like my friend had taken advantage of my generosity. I refused to pay for her expensive taste and left her to foot her portion of the bill on her own.”

Closing out her post, she asked the public for their opinion after her friend branded her “cheap and selfish”.

“She was furious and accused me of being cheap and selfish,” she said. “Despite our long friendship, I feel like I was justified in refusing to pay for her extravagant choices. 

“But now I’m starting to wonder if maybe I was the asshole in this situation.”

Hundreds of people quickly jumped into the comment section, and the opinion was very split.

One person responded saying: “In the future, just have the restaurant split the bill. Tell the waitstaff ‘separate checks’ when you sit down before you order. She can pay for her side, and you can pay for yours. You don’t need to fund her.”

Another wrote: “She is the as*hole for not remembering she offered to pay for her portion.”

However, a third said: “You offered to pay for dinner without checking the prices beforehand? It would have been so easy to check the menu or call the restaurant ahead of time since you knew where you were dining. You didn’t do your due diligence.”

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