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13th Apr 2022

Bride-to-be sparks outrage over ‘no plus ones’ rule

While it might “seem harsh”, she said it was simply her choice.

A bride has been met with backlash after enforcing a strict ‘no plus ones’ rule for her wedding day.

Her decision caused a divide among guests, with several declining their invitation – leaving her shocked and “heartbroken”.

Taking to the infamous Am I The Asshole Reddit forum, she wrote: “I’m getting married and like every other bride, I too have certain rules I want for my wedding to go smoothly.

“One of them is the no plus ones rule. Only people named in the invitation are invited.”

She added that she understood if it might “seem harsh” to some, and clarified that the decision had “nothing to do with budget or venue capacity”.

However, she explained certain guest could potentially bring another person with them – but only if they met certain criteria.

She outlined what could determine if a guest was allowed a plus one:

“1. BOTH me and my fiancé know of your partner and have met them. If I know your partner and my fiancé doesn’t, that disqualifies them and vice versa.

2. If I’d personally go to dinner with you and your partner.

3. If I’d invite your partner as a separate person anyway and not just because they’re your partner.

4. If your partner is also a friend of mine.”

She added that she understood if might “seem harsh” to some, but it was just her criteria. She also clarified that the decision had “nothing to do with budget or venue capacity”.

The bride then explained that her cousin was one of the people who declined the invite once learning of the rules, but she refused to budge even though she was upset about it, as his partner was someone she wasn’t friends with personally.

Taking to the comments on Reddit, many users agreed that the woman was being out of line.

“Your wedding, your rules, BUT people are allowed to not attend for not liking your rules. Suck it up,” one person said.

“You want people to come celebrate your marriage and your relationship by asking them to leave their spouse or long term partner at home?” another mused.

“If a friend of mine pulled this, I’d quickly disinvite them from any social gathering from here on out,” a third added.