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27th Mar 2024

Spencer Matthews responds to weight loss speculation in the best way

Kat O'Connor

Spencer Matthews’ honesty about his weight loss is everything

Spencer Matthews has responded to backlash about his weight loss in the most powerful way.

The reality star has been sharing updates about his new fitness journey with his Instagram followers but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating about his health.

Matthews has been clear that he is getting healthier and fitter in a safe way, but many people have started speculating about his recent transformation.

Matthews slated those who started spreading the rumours especially people who claimed he was unhealthy.

In a statement, the former Made In Chelsea star said: “Every single day on this platform, women write to me expressing concern for my appearance. They say that I’m too thin and that I look sick… One asked why I’m ‘punishing my body” and most say ‘hope you’re ok??’”

“This is a quick note to say that your concern is misplaced and the delivery of that concern is unhealthy. I am fit, well, and above all, really happy.”

Spencer’s weight loss is also nobody’s business. He has told his followers, time and time again that he’s healthy, but they continue to speculate about it.

“In fact, I’m the healthiest I have ever been – enjoying a disciplined routine and am driven with clear goals, training for a World Record endurance run which will hopefully raise a substantial amount of money for people who need it.”

“Training for this challenge is NOT punishment, its PROGRESS….”

“Please don’t mistake me pushing myself physically as being unhealthy… It’s not. It’s exciting and in my case, makes me feel alive and full of purpose,” he explained.

Matthews pointed out the fact that nobody was concerned about his health when he was a problem drinker and overweight, which makes the current ‘concern’ even more disheartening for him.

Spencer is perfectly healthy but all people can focus on is the weight he has lost

“Not once did I ever receive a single message of ‘concern’ when I was a huge problem drinker – overweight and drastically unhealthy. I wouldn’t have wanted it then and I certainly don’t want it now.”

“It’s really simple – don’t comment on anyone’s appearance. If someone looks different there is probably a reason for that. Mine is that I found a healthy lifestyle.”

Spencer Matthews has reminded many of us that commenting on someone’s appearance, whether they’re losing or gaining weight, is never welcome. Those remarks only ever cause more harm than good and that goes for both men and women.

We couldn’t agree with Spencer Matthews more. Leave the judgment out of people’s inboxes and keep it to yourself.