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19th Feb 2024

‘I tried listening to audio erotica and it was an experience’

Anna Martin

audio erotica

Can you imagine lying in bed and having someone whisper not-so-sweet nothings in your ear?

Except there’s no one there, you have headphones on and you have no idea who this disembodied voice really is.

There’s nothing to watch, no visuals, no videos you have to use your imagination to create the scenario.

I downloaded the Quinn app out of pure curiosity, this woman with pink headphones popped up on my TikTok, accompanied by a husky voice uttering pure filth as she appeared to be shopping in Target.

In the spirit of my “I’ll try most things twice” attitude I ended up going down a wormhole trying to find out more before I made a big commitment and had this thing on my phone.

Caroline Spiegel founded Quinn, a subscription-based app for audio erotica, as a Stanford University senior recovering from an eating disorder.

During her recovery, she struggled with sexual dysfunction. Frustrated with the dearth of sexual dysfunction solutions for women, she launched Quinn in 2021.

Time to overshare and yes I’m hot in the face writing this but it’s about time to be honest, as someone who takes antidepressants achieving the big O can be a task.

It’s made me not want to have sex in fear of disappointing someone which really shouldn’t be a problem, I know but it can feel like one.

Even when it comes to watching porn, it can feel like everything is so focused on the male gaze, it feels rough, abrupt and often like the woman is only there for his pleasure, even when it comes to lesbian content.

Also, why are they always so serious? Sex is a funny situation to find yourself in, why does no one laugh or struggle with a bra clasp and everyone orgasms in seconds?

audio erotica
Credit: Getty

I digress, Quinn takes all the parts I don’t like about traditional porn and throws a match on them, basking in the flames.

Unlike visual porn, where the viewer is the voyeur, looking in on what is going on, with audio porn I get to feel like the star of the show.

Though having the person speaking directly to you takes some getting used to especially as it sometimes feels like they’re whispering directly in your ear, it does make the experience feel a whole lot more intimate.

There’s also the bonus of getting to decide what this voice looks like if you were to meet them face to face.

Then there’s the seemingly endless options, like if you can imagine it there’s definitely a story on the app that will grab your attention.

Praise, Mdom, accents, bondage, girlfriend, guided masturbation the list really is never ending but somehow with its clean and relaxed design, none of it feels intimidating.

What’s really surprising when compared to traditional porn is it just sounds closer to real life, like the woman in any overheard sex audio, isn’t moaning like mad after the first touch.

There’s foreplay, there’s climax and there’s aftercare which in my humble opinion should be the norm.

The bottom line is I kept my subscription so take what you want from that.