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14th Feb 2024

Top five countries that love sex toys the most

Anna Martin

sex toys

Whether it’s a vibrator or a dildo, we as a species buy a lot of sex toys

For some people it’s just not their cup of tea which is completely okay, it’s all about whatever floats your boat.

Yet if you’re nosey like me, you may be wondering which country searches for them the most and what exactly are they looking for.

Well thanks to some nifty research from the Healthnews team, they have discovered the top 30 countries worldwide with the most to least interest in spicing things up.

They tracked ‘sex toys’ search queries throughout 2023, translating them into each country’s native language. The relative search numbers were calculated based on the number of internet users in each country.

While it can’t tell us who decided to purchase a sex toy in each country, it can tell us what their interests and desires are so let’s take a look at the top five, shall we?


sex toys
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With 188 yearly searches per 1,000 internet users, residents of Canada have nabbed the number one spot.

Here, Uber Eats isn’t just for getting a takeaway, you can purchase sex toys, condoms, or lube – basically anything you could possibly want or need.

When it comes to sex, Canada is as open-minded as it gets.

Safety measures are prevalent throughout the country, extending even to airport bathrooms where condom vending machines are the norm.


sex toys
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Taking a trip just a bit closer to home, Sweden is next on the list with 163 yearly searches per 1,000 users.

In the land of great meatballs, casual sex is really normalised and it’s not just a nighttime thing, a coffee date turning into a midday romp is totally fine (as it should be).

On top of this, the Swedish aren’t afraid to talk about sex, nearly 80% of adults are sexually active, but issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are openly discussed.

United Kingdom

sex toys
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Our next-door neighbours in the UK secured the third spot with 151 searches per 1,000 internet users.

What’s really interesting is that it’s not young people who are open to using toys in the bedroom in fact 45–54-year-olds own the most sex toys over there.

It’s not just sex with a partner that has people in the UK breaking out a toy, 16% of British men are enjoying a solo toy dance daily, with nearly half discovering the joy during the pandemic. 


sex toys
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Coming in at number four is Mexico with 145 searches.

Not too surprising when you learn that the city of Guadalajara decided to legalise having sex in public so long as no one issues a complaint.

When it comes to fantasies, the people of Mexico for sure aren’t shy. Public rendezvous? A resounding yes from 90%. Kitchen escapades? Almost unanimous at 98%.


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Rounding out the top five is Brazil with 138 searches.

Brazilians in Rio savour the moment, with sessions lasting 45 minutes on average.

Here, sex is a marathon, not a sprint, with over half of Brazilian women claiming they reach the big ‘O’ every single time.