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28th Mar 2024

The seven most common types of vibrators

Anna Martin


If you’ve ever looked at sex toys online, you’ve surely seen an array of vibrators

Maybe you were intrigued and started clicking through each listing to find out more or maybe you clutched your pearls in fear and quickly closed the tab.

Whichever was you at that moment, you definitely saw an array of names like the wand, rabbit and bullet which kind of just sounds like a wacky magic show.

Though it may seem like a lot to process, the good news is it means there’s something for everyone out there.

We’re here to demystify some of the most common types of vibrators available on the market.

Bullet vibrator

Credit: Play Blue

We’ll start with the one that most people are familiar with in some way or another.

The bullet vibrator is known for its small size: Most of them are around the size of a lipstick and can be hidden away very easily.

They provide pinpoint sensations that feel very direct. For this reason, a bullet vibe can be a good choice if you enjoy clitoral or nipple play.

You may want to invest in a bullet vibrator if larger sizes are intimidating, or if you want a toy that’s travel-friendly.

Massage wands

Credit: Play Blue

Another member of the OG vibrator club is the classic massage wand.

They’re basically the exact opposite of a bullet in terms of size, like you might have a harder time hiding of one these bad boys in a hurry.

They’re big and bulk and have a reputation to match.

Fun fact: The OG Magic Wand was originally designed to be a back massager. That’s why the motor for the wand is housed in the handle, which is larger and longer than other vibes.

Rabbit Vibrators

Credit: Play Blue

If you’ve seen that Sex and the City episode, you know exactly what a rabbit vibe is.

Besides being shaped like actual rabbits, they refer more broadly to toys that provide both clitoral and internal stimulation at the same time.

A rabbit vibe is a great way to aim for a blended orgasm, which is one that comes from internal and external stimulation at the same time.

Suction vibrators

Credit: Play Blue

Not all vibes have to actually vibrate!

A lot of suction vibrators don’t actually provide suction, most use air to mimic a sucking sensation, but it is not actually.

Yet there are some toys that do use suction, or suction combined with pulsations or vibrations.

Though they might be a bit too intense for those just looking to get into sex toys, they offer enough sensation to be a great option for those who like strong stimulation.

G-spot vibrators

Credit: Sex Siopa

While people will argue about the existence of the G-spot at all, there are vibes made specifically for it.

Yet there’s no denying that some people with vaginas do experience intense pleasure and orgasms from internal penetration.

So while the G-stop might or might not be a thing, G-spot vibrators absolutely do and those who like internal stimulation will like them.

Wearable vibrators

Credit: Sex Siopa

“Wearable” is a pretty broad category, but the name really covers all of our bases.

Sometimes, wearable vibrators refer to a toy you can wear all on your own while out and about.

More often than not, these toys will be used by couples look for some extra some stimulation.

Anal vibrators

Credit: Play Blue

While me might think of vibes as something for people with vaginas, that’s just not true.

Just remember if anal stimulation is something you’d like to explore make sure you just a toy specifically designed for it to avoid any awkward trips to hospital.