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19th Oct 2015

Have A Sweet Tooth? Here’s How To Keep Your Cravings At Bay

An easy to adopt tip to fight that sugar rush.

We all know the drill. Eat dinner, pop on the kettle and root out something sweet to have with our tea.

If you find your sweet tooth is sabotaging your diet efforts, it might be time to increase the levels of chromium in your diet.

According to nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville, eating refined sugar and carbs could be leading to your body’s sugar levels peaking before crashing back down:

“As you eat, your blood sugar goes up and insulin is released. If you are eating refined sugar and carbs they will hit your bloodstream fast and cause an imbalance in blood sugar. Your body will release more insulin to deal with this rapid rise in blood sugar.

sugar cubes

“Once dealt with, the blood sugar levels will drop, but because you’ve generated the release of so much insulin, the levels will drop too low and you will soon feel like snacking on a bar of chocolate. The more sweets you eat, the more you will crave them – it is a catch 22.”

If that all sounds too familiar, chances are you could stomp out some of your sugar cravings by adding some chromium rich foods to your diet.

Dr Glenville points out that broccoli, green beans and grape juice are rich in the key ingredient, and should be the first items on the menu. Packing your meals with these greens could keep your insulin levels balanced, while the added chromium will also keep your sugar cravings contained.


If you’re failing to eat a balanced diet, opt for a supplement containing chromium and green coffee extract for the same effect.

H/T Mail Online