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29th Aug 2019

You can now enjoy your G&T with a flavoured EDIBLE straw

edible straw

Environmentally friendly and delish!

Ah, there’s nothing I love more than an innovative new product – especially when it involves a drinks.

And I learned some pretty exciting gin-related news today, which has be very thirsty all together.

The wonderful humans at Diageo (alcohol royalty tbh) has launched a range of edible, flavoured straws.

Guess what? The straws were invented to specifically compliment their cans of gin.

Pleasant news.

edible straw

There’s a lovely lime flavoured straw that they’re describing as a “zesty twist” on a typical gin and tonic.

There is also strawberry, which is meant to go with Pimm’s and lemonade.

Oh, and there’s chocolate, for Baileys which sounds UNREAL.

Theres a lemon for Captain Morgan and another lime option is said to work well with cans of Smirnoff.

So really, all angles are covered here folks!