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04th Jul 2018

So the ‘world’s best crisp’ has been announced and we’re not impressed

Eh, sorry what?

Denise Curtin

Eh, sorry what?

A new online survey by Ranker decided to try and solve the age-old battle as to what the ‘best’ crisp is. Opening an online survey, they invited people from around the world to vote on their go-to-crisp to ultimately crown the “world’s best crisp”.

Now, we are using inverted commas a LOT here because we do not agree. In fact, the “winner” wouldn’t even place in our top 10, maybe even 20.

According to the survey, the chart-topper for people’s favourite crisp was… Cheetos.

Yep, Cheetos.


Cheetos, in case you’re not aware, are the tangy cheese balls which are sold in over 36 countries around the world with North America as one of their biggest consumers. They also have that little cartoon tiger on the front…

Aside from Cheetos, Doritos Cool Original came in second place followed by Lays Classic, Lays BBQ and Ruffles Cheddar Sour Cream.

I mean where are the TAYTOS? Where are the WALKERS? Outrage.

Safe to say we’re unimpressed, however, Pringles Sour Cream and Onion came in at number 7 which we’d agree with.

Other than that, it’s a no from us.