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26th Dec 2017

This is how many calories you probably ate yesterday

Christmas Day is a marathon, not a sprint.

You can’t beat Christmas dinner – chances are you’re still picking at the leftovers.

The turkey and ham, roast potatoes, stuffing and gravy are what everyone looks forward to on December 25.

However, we never actually realised just how many calories go along with our festive meal.

Well, Wren Kitchen conducted a survey and found the result… and it’s actually quite shocking.

Clear Long Stem Drinking Glass

The recommended calorie intake for women is around 2,000 calories… and on Christmas day, you probably went well over.

More than double, in fact.

Because on Christmas day, you’ll have knocked back 5,373 calories altogether.

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It’s not all bad though, as 73 percent of us don’t care how much we eat on Christmas, while 60 percent take the day as our ‘get out of jail free card’.

So, there you have it. Enjoy Christmas day, eat ALL the food and be merry.

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