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16th Apr 2019

You will not believe how many calories are in one portion of Five Guys fries

Oh my.

Well, this is alarming.


When we think of fast food, we think of the cheeseburger or the milkshake loaded with chocolate and cream to be the calorific item on the menu; one we wouldn’t suspect is the fries.

Yes, we know they’re not healthy, coated in salt and usually deep fried but, what we didn’t realise is just how high in calories they can be.

In fact, a portion of medium fries in Five Guys packs 123 calories more than one of their cheeseburgers. What’s more alarming is that the cheeseburger contains 830 calories meaning medium fries are a staggering 953 calories.

The study by the Mail Online compared six fast food chains in the UK (five of which are here in Ireland), showing the scary number of calories present in fast food dishes, with a vast difference between various chains too.

A medium portion of fries in Burger King works out at being the “best” option, at 280 calories. Their burger too ranks significantly lower than that of Five Guys, with a Whopper Sandwich containing 500 calories.

But when it comes to chicken, Burger King’s 570 Chicken Royale ranks as the highest in calories compared to McDonald’s 388 calorie McChicken Sandwich.

But these differences are small compared to those of Five Guys, with their food servings known for being larger than other chains and evidently, vastly higher in calories too.

One to note for the next time we’re feeling peckish, that’s for sure.