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14th Apr 2016

WATCH: Nutella lipbalm exists in real life and you can make your own

Oh my dear God.

Cathy Donohue

Nutella for life.

Anything involving the chocolatey goodness makes me incredibly happy so this life hack showing how to make Nutella flavoured lip balm is pretty much the best thing ever.

Featured on YouTube channel Cute Life Hacks, Austrian blogger Joanne chats through how to use an empty EOS lipbalm container and Nutella to make the beauty treat.

Joanna used beeswax chips, coconut oil and a spoonful of Nutella to make the sweet-smelling glorious concoction.

The first step is to warm the above ingredients in a heatproof cup, then place the cup in water and heat until it melts to a liquid consistency.

Next, you freeze the mixture for ten minutes and this should achieve your very own Nutella lipbalm.

Ideal for popping in your handbag so you can inhale the Nutella smell whenever the fancy takes you. Bringing the jar to work, complete with spoon, isn’t exactly a professional look.

Oh and just in case you were considering it, the mixture is NOT edible. Even if it looks good enough to eat.

Image and video via YouTube: Cute Life Hacks