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20th Jun 2016

This Dublin pub has come up with the BEST hangover cure


Laura Holland

Why wait until you’re hungover, we want one of these NOW!

When it comes to hangovers, you’re either the type of person who curls up in bed for the day and waits for the horrible feeling and dreaded fear to pass or you are the type who can carry on as normal despite feeling like absolute sh*te.

Then there are some others who think that having one more the next day does the trick to get over a hangover. If that’s the cure for you then this will be perfect.

A Dublin pub, The Paddocks, says that it has the answer to our hangover needs and it comes in the form of a Lucozade daiquiri.

The ultimate Hangover Cure Lucozade Daiquiri ? @lovindublin @dublinsfm104 @98fmdublin @herdotie

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Earlier in the month, they brought us some other frozen delights such as The Loop The Loop Daiquiri and The Brunch Daiquiri but now they have a new Lucozade themed drink to get rid of your dreaded hangover. 

Loop The Loop Daiquiri ????? @dailyedge @lovindublin @cocktails_for_you @thepaddockss

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Brunch daiquiri ! ?? @lovindublin @herdotie @cocktails_for_you

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