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07th Oct 2015

This Baking Hack is a Game Changer

I can't believe my pies

All day eerday we carefully monitor the web and viral stories in order to pick the crème de la crème and provide you with the best of the Internets offerings.

We give you dancing babies, laughing dogs, asshole cats and the Kardashians on a daily basis but now we bring you something game changing.

This super impressive baking hack looks easy peasy lemon squeezey and its sending the internet insane. Upaloded to Imgur and Facebook AND YOUTUBE, it has amassed like a billion views or something. Commenters are even adding extra tips and hacks to improve on what already seems like perfection.

All you need is an apple, some pastry, apricot jam and what appears to be cinnamon.

Some commenters have stated that the pastry can be a wee bit bland and have advised that you add extra all spice.

I don’t mean to brag but I did get into the final 20 of The Great Irish Bake Off in 2015, warranting me with some level of *expertise*. I suggest adding cinnamon and nutmeg and creating the taste of Christmas.

Check out these bad boys.