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03rd Jul 2019

There’s a Nando’s festival happening next month and ooh, cheeky

Jade Hayden

nandos festival


Remember years ago when everyone and their ma was hoping off Nando’s?

It was new, it was exciting, it was expensive chicken and no table service, but hey, you got to pick how spicy you wanted the food to suit your own personal needs.

What a novelty.

It is probably safe to go ahead and say that Nando’s simply does not harbour the same hype here in Ireland that it once did, but a certain festival may be about to change that.

Because it’s a Nando’s festival. And yes, there will be chicken.

The festival, aptly called Nando’s Yard, will be happening in London’s Shoreditch next month for a whopping 18 days.

And it won’t just be chicken, chips, and nice enough veggie options either – there’ll be cinema screenings, DJ sets, gaming bits, and vintage fashion pop ups.

There’ll also be spaces designated specifically for chilling out, so if you get sick of all of the Peri-Peri goodness, you can hide out for a bit, catch a breath, gather your thoughts, and have some more food.


Tickets will be available for Nando’s Yard from July 15, so if you happen to be around London in August, make sure you bag yourself a pass.

Sounds like it’ll be class, in fairness.