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16th May 2018

Tesco is now selling pre-mixed espresso martini cans and we’re intrigued

Yay or nay?

Denise Curtin

It’s safe to say espresso martinis are delish.

There is nothing we love more than a night on the tiles with our closest gals, having a good chinwag over this tasty yet smooth cocktail which sits pretty in a martini glass.

This drink not only makes us feel very cosmopolitan but it’s also aesthetically pleasing on the eye, so bear with us as we try to decipher whether or not this beverage would be nice from a supermarket can? Hmmm.

Now don’t get me wrong, this could be gorge and very convenient for picnics etc, but I just wonder if it will keep its taste when packed and mixed, sitting on a shelf.

These ready-to-drink cans are now available to purchase in Tesco UK and we’re awaiting to hear if these potentially divine/potentially vile cans will be dropping on the Emerald Isle too.

All Shook Up Espresso Martinis are currently available to purchase on Tesco’s UK website for £1.25 a can and described as a combination of “coffee, sugar syrup and natural flavours shaken with fruit alcohol and vodka”.

This follows on from the news that Gordon’s pink gin is now available in a pre-mixed can as well as M&S announcing two new pre-mixed G&T flavours.

It looks like the convenience of a pre-mixed can is seriously taking off.