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14th Feb 2023

McDonald’s McCrispy ad beside crematorium leaves bad taste in people’s mouths

Featured image courtesy of Lee Trewhela from CornwallLive.

‘Someone clearly has a sense of humour’

A McDonald’s ad labelled “tasteless” by locals due to its position outside a crematorium has been replaced – but some reckon the new ad is no better.

Last week, McDonald’s confirmed it would remove a sign outside Penmount Crematorium in Cornwall advertising its McCrispy burger.

The unfortunate positioning of the advertisement may have gone unnoticed, if it wasn’t for the fact it is located right underneath a big sign reading ‘crematorium.’

As reported by CornwallLive, this has led some to described it as “tasteless.”

One woman, whose mother-in-law was cremated at the establishment last year, told the publication: “Although I can see the funny side, it is tasteless and I’m sure some grieving family members won’t like to see it when visiting Penmount for the funeral and cremation of a loved one.”

Although others said they saw the funny side of the advert, McDonald’s announced it would be removing the advert.

So, it’s been replaced with an advert for the New Tate art gallery in St Ives.

But some still aren’t happy with the choice of advert, and reckon that it’s “just as bad” as the Maccies one.

The sign is advertising a £5 ‘locals’ pass for the gallery, which some believe could be interpreted as a discount for regular cremations at the crematorium.

One amused passer-by told CornwallLive of the replacement: “You couldn’t make this up.”

Another said: “I don’t know what’s worse, this one or the first one.”

One person also said that someone “clearly has a sense of humour”, while another argued that it’s “not much better” than the McDonald’s artwork.

Cornwall Council, which runs the crematorium and owns the bus shelter, has said it is unable to comment on the matter.

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