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06th May 2023

McDonald’s releases four new sauces for dipping McNuggets


By Steve Hopkins

The dip drop to end all dip drops

McNuggets are celebrating a rather big milestone this month.

The fast-food favourite is turning 40, and to celebrate the chain is launching four new sauces, to supercharge the dipping experience.

They’re also dropping a new brand-new burger and welcoming back some old fan-favourites later this month.

Next week, on Wednesday to be exact, McDonald’s will release Mega Hot Sauce to “give your McNuggets a fiery kick”. It promises to be “slightly tangy yet beautifully rich”. And a Garlic Mayo dip.

A second “dip drop” is happening on 31 May. This time, there’s an “exotic dip full of smoke”, Chipotle Mayo, and a Creamy Ranch dip.

“Take your McNuggets on a journey that is creamy and vibrant with a touch of spice. America’s most popular sauce is coming McDonald’s,” a press release on the drop announces. The four new dips join the eight existing condiments.

The Big Tasty is returning as well, but with a “fiery kick”.

The Spicy Big Tasty contains a 100 per cent beef patty, Emmental cheese, lettuce, bacon, tomato and Big Tasty sauce with a “jalapeno twist”.

The Big Tasty and Big Tasty with Bacon will also return.

Halloumi fries are returning to the menu along with the Wispa McFlurry.

And if the classic Wispa McFlurry aint enough, you can go Gold, and have it topped with a Cadbury caramel sauce.

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