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18th May 2021

SuperValu is selling three litres of wine in a bag for €28

Jade Hayden

Them bags of wine just keep getting bigger.

Summer is almost here. The weather may suggest differently, but it is. We promise. We desperately hope.

Outdoor dining and wet pubs are due to return next month, and even though being wined and dined is most likely at the top of everyone’s summer to-do list, chances are a lot of us are going to be hitting up the local park to catch up with the gals too.

And what better way to sit and catch up than with a three litre bag of wine? Just make sure you’re sharing it with at least four people. Please.

SuperValu this week announced their Italian wine sale, and among the crisp whites, full bodied reds, and tasty proseccos is the Barone Montalto Passivento Rosso – a three litre bag of wine in a box, for the incredibly reasonable price of €28.

The dark and intense red is usually priced at €13.99 per bottle, but the three litre bag in a box reduces the price to around €7 per 700ml. Not a bad deal at all, in fairness.

“We are seeing a huge shift towards Italian wines as the popularity of Italian sparkling wine continues to grow (+57%) and as consumers are more willing to explore new wines as their palates begin to mature,” said SuperValu wine expert Kevin O’Callaghan.

“Pinot Grigio and Prosecco continue to be the most popular white Italian wines however we are seeing substantial growth in Gavi and Vermentino wines as people begin to explore new grape varieties. Prosecco is in huge growth as people love the easy sparkling delight which has now turned from an occasion wine to a regular Friday night tipple.

“Italian reds are also seeing strong growth (+38%), with Appassimento being a hot favourite as it taps into the emerging trend towards softer wine, however as consumers are on more of a wine journey over the past year, we see a shift towards savoury wines which Italy produces in abundance.”

Ideal for those long summer nights, lads.

SuperValu’s wine sale kicks off on May 20.