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23rd Jan 2022

Struggle with Veganuary on busy days? This Irish food brand is a life-saver

Trine Jensen-Burke

Fiid vegan Irish food

Doing Veganuary this month? Or have simply committed to trying to just eat more plant-based in general?

Go you! Your body – and the planet – will thank you for it.

Having been eating plant-based for a good few years now, I know that it makes me feel healthier, happier and also, it just feels very good knowing I am eating food that will nourish and heal my body – and use far fewer resources from our precious Earth than a conventional meat-centred diet would.

However, I also know there are days when I struggle trying to eat the way I eat. Days that are so busy that cooking something from scratch is much harder, or simply days when I just don’t have the energy to peel and chop and stir for ages, I just want something on my place fast, with little to no effort involved in getting it there.

And these are the days when I used to find eating this way the hardest. Because finding plant-based fast food – or ready-made meals – was a lot harder than finding all sorts of unhealthy fast food. Sounds familiar?

Enter fiid – an Irish plant-based ‘ready’ meal company determined to make it possible to have food that is not only quick and easy, but also both healthy and delicious.

I was delighted to discover how fiid’s range of six delicious meals really stands apart from the rising number of ultra-processed vegan options on supermarket shelves. 100 percent plant-based, made with all-natural ingredients and ready to eat in as little as 90 seconds in the microwave, these meals are going to save you on your most busy and just-not-in-the-mood-to-cook days, trust me.

Healthy and convenient food should be accessible to all

“I was convinced that there doesn’t need to be a trade-off,” explains fiid founder Shane Ryan.

“Food that’s quick and easy can be delicious. It can be created naturally with real food that we know and love instead of artificial flavours. And most of all, real authentically healthy and convenient food should be accessible by all.”

Ryan explains that he started fiid mainly out of frustration.

“Made using only natural plant-based ingredients, packed full of vegetables and stored in your cupboard or pantry, fiid is the perfect partner for a busy, fast-paced life. Think less sad AF last-minute meals and more memorable midweek eats, fiid is designed for how we live today.”

Speaking about fiid’s accessible approach to sustainable plant-based eating founder Ryan said:

“Plant-based eating, especially during Veganuary, can be a really daunting prospect. While I’m a huge fan of the Veganuary movement and support anyone who has taken the pledge, it’s important to remember that going vegan, even for a month, simply isn’t practical or sustainable for many people. By swapping out just one meat or dairy-based meal each day for a plant-based, climate-friendly meal you’ll save over 900,000 litres of water – that’s over 11,000 showers!”

Last year, fiid became the ‘world’s first carbon-neutral ready meal’, working with ClimatePartner.

How does it work?

Grab fiid from the cupboard

Heat for 2 minutes in the microwave

Pour over rice, pasta or veggies, or simply enjoy on its own with a spoon, for a comforting meal in minutes.

The company recently launched two new pack sizes designed to suit two different eating occasions; a 550g ‘Meal for Us’ pouch (€5.29) and a 275g ‘Meal for Me’ pouch (€2.99).

And what is so brilliant about these meals, in my opinion, especially on those really hectic days, is that you can always opt to add in even more veggies should you want to – or have the time to, or rice or pasta for a more substantial meal.

Or simply enjoy on its own with a spoon, straight out of the bag. Trust me – I am not one to judge having done this myself on many occasions.