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01st Apr 2017

Spaghetti, cheese, and eggs in a donut? We don’t know about this one

Rory Cashin

Remember when the entire world seemed to lose their collective mind at the arrival of the Cronut?

Conflicting reports say it was created in either 1991 or 2008, but both of those times the product was called a ‘Dosant’ (terrible name), and it wasn’t really until 2013 when a New York City pastry chef made them, a blogger found out about them, and before long the store had queues of 100’s of people outside and stories emerged of scalpers selling them for $100 each.

The reason we mention this is because it is clear that we all love a good food fad, and we’re always on the look out for the next one, and we think we may have just discovered it.

Yep, that is a Spaghetti Donut. As of yet, they haven’t tried to whittle that name down to Sponut or Donetti, but give it a minute and somebody will come up with something catchy.

It is basically normally spaghetti, cooked in eggs and cheese, which makes the stringy pasta malleable and then it is turned into a donut shape.

Just like the cronut, it is currently only New York-based, available in a Brooklyn food market known as Smorgasboard via their creator Pop’s Pasta, but if they do take off in popularity, we imagine it won’t be long until they reach these shores.

And if they don’t work out, then we could still be looking forward to this Churro Ice Cream Burger…