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13th Aug 2019

A prosecco handbag exists and World Prosecco Day is the perfect time to make a purchase


Today is World Prosecco Day and if ever there was a perfect time to make a prosecco-themed purchase, this is it.

Yep, this year falls on Tuesday 13 August and while you may not have factored in the time to meet some pals for bubbles, you can still celebrate the occasion.

This clear (nouveau chic) pouch is majorly trending at the moment because there happens to be a lot of love for an invention named the ‘prosecco handbag’.

Yes, Ruffino bubbly has partnered with Stickbaby – a New York accessories label to create a prosecco purse that would be perfect for sipping bottles at the barge or popping in the car for a picnic on the Wild Atlantic Way.

It’s very splendid no matter what the occasion.

Each bag comes with six 187-millilitre mini bottles of Ruffino Prosecco, which comes to about a bottle and a half of wine – hiya.

What’s even more charming is not only is the bag stunning… it’s also WATERPROOF meaning you can load this bad boy with ice.

I’ve never seen a more useful invention in all my days.

Want one? Course you do.

You can purchase a prosecco purse online here for a limited time only.