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30th Jan 2020

Percy Pig has launched a brand new product and like usual, we’re drooling

More Percy deliciousness, yes please.

Good news.

If you’ve ever made a trip to M&S without picking up some Percy Pigs while en route to the till, be warned that I now class you in the same category as people who say no to the free chocolate in Butler’s.

It’s wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself.

No but seriously, Percy Pigs are a sweet delight that should be enjoyed be everyone and the fact they’ve just released a new product means you’ve got a chance to redeem yourself and sample the fruits of their labour.

Yesterday, M&S announced that joining the expanding Percy Pig family are the Percy Pig “Phizzy Chews”.

“These yummy, fruity chews are covered with the same sour coating as the popular Percy Phizzy Pigtails” the brand states however, this time they’re in mini pig shape and come in two flavours.


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This new product is just part and parcel of the world domination Percy is on.

Earlier this year he kicked off his 2020 goals by releasing a sauce.

Perfect for ice cream, cookie dough, or warm chocolate cake, the sauce has been created in a bid to make desserts that little bit sweeter.

Have you tried this yet?


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“Percy is getting saucy!” says M&S. “Yep, that’s right, all the flavours of Percy Pig in a pink (of course) squirty sauce.”

“It is delicious on pretty much anything – we recommend trying with ice cream or even drizzled over pancakes.”

Amazing on “anything,” you say?

The product is suitable for vegetarians too, meaning that no piggies were harmed in the making of the no doubt controversial sauce.