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02nd Feb 2018

Percy Pig donuts exist and they sound absolutely delicious

Jade Hayden

We know, we know.

We’ve reached peak donut saturation point.

You can hardly walk around Dublin without seeing a donut shop on every corner, smell the sweet glaze of a freshly baked batch, or discover that another store is now offering 27 new vegan-friendly options.


Everyone’s sick of hearing about donuts, but we’re not sick enough that the prospect of a Percy Pig donut doesn’t fill us with absolute joy.

And so it should.

Look how delicious they look.

This isn’t just your average themed donut with one solitary Percy stuck on top and a bit of generic icing slapped over the top either.

This is a proper fancy donut.

It’s a ring donut with a strawberry glaze, strawberry buttercream, pink icing, little silver balls, and some Percy Pigs sitting atop.

It’s even been given the name ‘Notorious P.I.G.’


Unfortunately for us though, the Percy Pig donuts are currently only available in London’s Doughnut Time.

Honestly though, they might be worth booking a sneaky Ryanair flight for.

Just look at them, like.

If Percy Pig for (some reason) isn’t your thing though, the shop also sells lots of other donuts and treats too so there’ll definitely be something to tickle your fancy.

Everybody likes Nutella, in fairness.