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12th Jun 2022

People on TikTok are making ‘healthy Coke’ with just two ingredients

Healthy Coke

The internet is divided.

Another week, another TikTok foodie hack – because such is life now.

Don’t get me wrong – I am all for a good TikTok foodie hack – the whipped coffee was mind-blowing, the feta pasta has become an almost weekly occurrence in our house.

But this latest hack I am just not so sure about.

Why? Because this week, TikTokers are making what they call a ‘healthy’ homemade version of Coca-Cola, using sparkling water and – get this – balsamic vinegar.

The trend started when @mandyvjones posted a TikTok explaining that her Pilates instructor makes the concoction almost every day as a “healthy alternative to a Coke.”

She combines balsamic vinegar and a Guava-flavoured La Croix (a brand of sparkling water available in the US) — although she says you can use any flavour of sparkling water.

The video brought in millions of views and did, of course, trigger responses from hundreds of other TikTokers eager to see if the concotion really does taste like Coke.

@mandyvjones @LaCroix Sparkling Water ♬ original sound – Amanda Jones

Here on our shores, food writer and TV chef Lilly Higgins was tempted to test out the viral healthy coke for herself too, and honestly, this does sound seriously delicious:


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Et innlegg delt av L i l l y H i g g i n s (@lilly_higgins_)

Captioning her post, Higgins writes:

“This drink is having a moment this week! All last summer my kids mixed honey with apple cider vinegar and sparkling water to make their own shrub-style drinks. Vinegar is so refreshing with sparkling water or soda water and makes a great sugar-free soft drink. “

She then added how she is making her take on the healthy Coke:

“My take on this #HealthyCoke or #BalsamicSoda is to use a gorgeous thick syrupy aged balsamic vinegar from @therealolivecompany and a Mexican Lime Soda from @fevertreemixers . It tastes amazing!”

And then a great tip from the food writer:

“Dilute it as if you’re using cordial, too much vinegar will make it more acidic than refreshing. Choose a citrus-flavoured sparkling water or soda. I’d say it’ll be nice with a lemon or blood orange lemonade too. Have you tried it?”