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08th Aug 2018

One of our fav vegan-friendly foods is now award-winning and very deservedly so, tbh


Jade Hayden

For those of us who like to go meat-free, finding a tasty vegan- or veggie-friendly treat can sometimes be a bit of a struggle.

Yeah, there are tonnes more options that there were a few years back but honestly, there is nothing more stressful than wandering into your local supermarket for something to whip up hassle free for dinner and coming up short.

It’s harrowing actually. Disgusting, some might say.

Most of the time lately though, we haven’t been too let down because the lads over at Strong Roots have been satisfying all our vegan-based needs.

They’ve got sweet potato fries, they’ve got meat-free burgers, and they’ve even got spinach bites.

All divine foods. All worthy of our attention.

And recently, Strong Roots even won a couple of awards due to how delicious their vegan foods are and yeah, we can see why tbh.

Their oven baked sweet potato fries and their beetroot and bean burgers were both honoured at this year’s Great Taste Awards… because they taste great.

No really, they do. Try them.

All of the vegan-friendly foods offered by the Dublin based company are frozen, but honestly don’t let that put you off buying them because these frozen products don’t actually taste frozen.

They just taste good. And no animals were harmed in their making.