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25th Jun 2018

One nutritionist says this is the worst way to cook eggs

It's our favourite!

Cathy Donohue


We don’t know about you but we’re very partial to scrambled eggs although to be fair, we know that they’re not quite as good for you as their poached counterparts.

Boiled is just as good as poached too because you’re just using water and not adding anything extra apart from condiments.

In saying that, we would have thought that frying was the least healthy way to cook them but not according to this particular nutritionist.

Spokesperson for the Dietitian’s Association of Australia, Joel Feren, chatted to My Body + Soul and explained his reasoning for why scrambled isn’t the healthiest of choices.

“Scrambled eggs would be one of the least beneficial because of the different recipes. There are things like milk, extra butter, cream and crème fraiche, so you’re not only getting the calories from the egg – which are fine – but you’re getting extra fats”.

One nutritionist

Scrambled is the worst when all is said and done because, with so many different recipes, butter and milk are often used, thus upping the fat content of the meal.

Frying isn’t as bad if you use an oil spray on a non-stick pan which helps to minimise the amount you’re using and Feren recommends brushing it on, instead of free pouring which can go very wrong.

However, don’t worry we don’t have to give up our love of scrambled eggs completely with Feren saying they’re still a healthy option but “to be mindful of those extra ingredients”.