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26th Feb 2018

Nandos fan? Workers say this is the dish you should never bother ordering

Jade Hayden

nandos olives

Cheeky Nandos?

The chicken restaurant tends to be best known for lads in snapbacks, blurry Instagram posts, and a total onslaught of Peri Peri sauce.

And decent food, obviously.

However, as it turns out, the iconic ‘cheeky’ in the cheeky Nandos may actually mean more than a sneaky bit of grub with the boys.

Most notably because there’s one specific Nandos dish that employees are told to scrimp on before they send them out to the tables – the olives.

Now, in fairness, people probably don’t go to the chicken restaurant specifically for the olives, but there are a fair few people out there who would definitely order a bowl of them as a little side, or indeed, a starter.

However, an ex-Nandos employee recently revealed that customers shouldn’t bother with the olives because employees are told to only throw about 9 or 10 of them in a bowl and pad them out with garlic.


Especially considering the olives will set you back €4.80.

Yeah, literally €4.80.

The worker told Leicester Mercury that the olives are the “worst value” item on the menu.

They said:

“One of the worst value things to order is the olives – staff are strictly told to only add just one layer to each ramekin.

“You only get about eight or nine olives as they’re bulked out with pieces of garlic, too.”

The insights didn’t stop there though.

The ex-employee also said that the chicken the restaurant uses isn’t organic, that a lot of the food comes into Nandos frozen, and that the chips are sourced by – wait for it – McCains.

We know.

We were shocked too.

As well as this, the worker said that Nandos get really pissed off when customers continuously steal their bottles of sauce, or pretend to be buying a glass of water when they really want a fizzy drink, or when they leave a mess during a late shift.

Hardly surprising, in fairness.