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22nd Mar 2018

This is how much 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth drinks every day

Turns out HRH is very fond of a tipple.

Anna O'Rourke

Hopefully she has a good breakfast for soakage.

We all think of the royals as being quite restrained, but it turns out matriarch Queen Elizabeth is quite fond of a drink.

The monarch, who turned will turn 92 next month, has up to four drinks throughout the day, according to reports.

She starts the day off with a cocktail of gin and Dubonnet, a wine based aperitif, in a glass with ice and a slice of lemon, according to former royal chef Darren McGrady.

Liz enjoys a glass of wine or a dry gin martini along with her lunch, usually fish or grilled chicken and vegetables, reports Travel+Leisure.

Later on, the queen often enjoys a glass of champagne or two with her dinner.

There’s no official word on what brands she prefers but the fact that Gordon’s gin, Pimm’s, Bacardi, and Bulmers cider all carry royal warrants hints that these might be favourites, as Popsugar points out.

Royal warrants are a sort of seal of approval from the royal family – only the queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles have the power to award products that they have enjoyed for five or more years with this crest that they can put on their packaging.

You can see an example of it here – it’s the fancy-looking crest on the top of the label.

Interestingly, the four drinks a day actually add up to six units of alcohol, which would make the queen a binge-drinker by UK government standards, reports the Independent.