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14th May 2024

Sarah Paulson reveals her secret to long-term relationship success with Holland Taylor

Sophie Collins

Sarah Paulson

“We’re together when we wanna be and we’re not when we don’t” – Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson, renowned for her roles in American Crime Story and Ratched, has revealed the key to maintaining a strong relationship with her long-term partner, Holland Taylor.

Paulson, 49, and Taylor, 81, first made headlines in 2015 when Paulson said that the acclaimed actress had slid into her DMs. 

Since then, they have emerged as one of Hollywood’s most adored same-sex couples, openly expressing affection for each other and exchanging heartfelt birthday tributes on social media.

Speaking on the SmartLess podcast alongside Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, Paulson delved into the dynamics of their relationship, revealing an unconventional facet that she believes is to thank for their successful relationship.

“We don’t live together, that’s the sort of secret,” Paulson said. 

“Holland and I, we spend plenty of time together but we don’t live in the same house.” 

She elaborated: “We’ve been together for a long time now and I think part of it has to do with, we’re together when we wanna be and we’re not when we don’t.”

Her latest interview offered fans a glimpse into the unique arrangement that has enabled Paulson and Taylor to cultivate a lasting bond while retaining their autonomy and space. 

Their approach challenges conventional notions of couples living together, and highlights the importance of flexibility and mutual respect for a thriving partnership.

As Paulson and Taylor continue to defy stereotypes and inspire admiration with their unwavering connection, their story serves as a testament to the myriad of ways in which love flourishes.