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05th Mar 2024

Kate Middleton reportedly spotted in public following surgery

Kat O'Connor

Kate Middleton has kept a low profile since her operation in January

Kate Middleton has become the most-talked-about royal following her planned abdominal surgery in January. The princess has understandably stepped back from public life in a bid to recover properly, but the limited information surrounding her surgery has led the public to speculate excessively.

The mum-of-three has been recovering at her home Adelaide Cottage since she was discharged from hospital.

Officials stressed that she likely won’t return to official royal duties until after Easter.

Kate Middleton’s last public appearance was on Christmas Day for the royal’s annual Christmas service in Sandringham.

However, Kate was reportedly spotted in public for the first time since her procedure this week.

According to TMZ, the mum was spotted travelling in a car with her mother, Carole Middleton. Kate was sitting in the passenger seat with sunglasses on.

This is the first sighting following the mum’s operation, but many believe it was deliberate due to the ‘wild’ conspiracy theories that are being shared online.

Before her operation, Kate’s spokesperson acknowledged that there would be public interest in her health and wellbeing.

However, there’s no doubt the rife speculation and wave of rumours have come as quite a shock for the princess.

The subtle appearance may finally shut the speculation down and stop the theories from spreading online.